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Richard Roos Beyond Limits Training

Richard Roos Beyond Limits Training

Richard Roos (41)
Qualified Sports Science and Personal Trainer
Married to Cindy
From #Rustenburg

Why I love sweating.
I wanted to become fit, and love being fit. I’m a goal-driven person who thrives on challenges.
Life-changing events, come in the form of me being able to get on my bike ride to places few people will ever see or experience.

What inspires me.
I don’t have a Hero as such; however, I look up to many individuals and find inspiration in the courage, dedication, discipline and endurance they have to finish something they have started.

What I’m looking forward to from the Munga
I’m looking forward to the hidden and hostile scenery that few have the privilege to see. I’m looking forward to seeing just how far I can push myself through the darkest areas in myself to the level of breaking point and hitting that bottom…. then to push myself through that point of ultimate ENDURANCE as this will be my longest race.

What scares me.
My Wife the love of my life!
Ultimate endurance Munga. My mind is working through the process, it doesn’t get any challenging than this!!!


Cyclists come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Some shred, some meander, others camp and then there are those that test the very fibre of human endurance. Richard Roos is one of these cyclists.
Through the years I’ve labelled myself as a personal trainer, roadie, adventure cyclist, runner, jogger, trail runner but more recently… ULTRA ENDURANCE.

I’ve discovered that my mind and body are actually made to endure long and extreme distance challenges. My first serious long-distance race was the 36one from there I was totally in awe of what an individual could achieve.
I love being fit and healthy because I perform better and I’m 100% confident in my body.
My ultimate dream is to cycle Mount Everest with my mountain bike. My motto in life is “Never ever quit never!!! And if someone says you can’t do something accept the challenge and prove them wrong.”

Thank you Thrivosity for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity!! For the support for believing in me and for making my dreams a reality. Thank you for investing in ME, MY MIND and BODY!

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