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The Team Behind Richard Roos

The Team Behind Richard Roos

Gerry Weber is a South African businessman with a background in immunology and
the founder of Thrivosity. He is passionate about promoting wellness using natural products to enhance overall
wellbeing and quality of life.

Renee McMagh – Marketer/Influencer/Believer in Thrivosity
Hello Life! Meet Renee McMagh, the face of Thrivosity.
Renee McMagh is an astute businesswoman who is passionate about life, leadership and success. Her zest for life inspires her to help others, both men and women, to take themselves and their careers to higher levels. She is the marketing force behind Thrivosity.

Dr Gerhard Vosloo
Sports Physician at Sports Medical Services and GP at Monumed Medical Practice.

Michaela Beneke is a registered dietitian who loves sharing her passion for good food and healthy living with her clients. She will be making sure that Richard enjoys foods that support his training and optimally fuel his performance.

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